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Event-driven incident response

Automate your incident-response operations with Relay’s event-driven workflow engine.
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Reduce your time-to-resolution

Enjoy near-instantaneous response by automating your entire incident response process.
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Reduce manual errors

Never forget to close a ticket or fat-finger an instance name again by using Relay to handle mundane and repetitive tasks.
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Share your automation

Our code-based configuration makes it easy to share and repurpose workflows with a few simple parameter changes.
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Improve SLO

Enjoy measurable improvements to your uptime metrics by taking immediate action the moment Relay detects a new event.
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Diagnostic automation

Once detected, run a diagnosis on the situation to understand what might be happening. Read-only. Don’t actually take action.

Humans-in-the-loop remediation

Some actions are too sensitive or complex to take without oversight. Include humans as part of the approval process before any action is taken.

Increase visibility & accountability

Track ticket response and incident resolution by connecting chat apps like Slack or Microsoft Teams to your workflows.

Full remediation automation

Automatically take action on a set of known issues where the impact is low and the automation is trusted. Includes auto-remediation.

Out-of-the-box integrations

Relay integrates the most popular incident response tools with dozens of other cloud-based tools and providers.
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