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Our library of integrations and workflows is under active development by the Relay team. Features marked as “coming soon” intended to provide you with an idea of our product roadmap. Please reach out to us with any feedback or suggestions you have.

Workflows (1)

Do more with GitHub. Relay helps you connect GitHub with other apps to put your DevOps on autopilot.

Triggers (6)

Relay listens for events and uses them to automatically trigger the rest of your workflow.
When a PR merged
Triggers when a pull request is merged against a specified repo.
When a new PR is raised
Triggers when a new pull request is raised against a defined repo.
When a new Commit is created
Triggers when a new commit is created against a defined organization, repo, and branch.
When a new Branch is created
Triggers when a new branch is created in a specified repo.
When a new Issue is created
Triggers when a new issue is created in a specified repo.
When a new Release is created
Triggers when a new release is created in a specified repo.

Steps (3)

Steps are contained actions (get it, contained?) that execute things you want done.
Create a Pull Request
Description (sic).
Create an Issue
Create a new issue (if issues are enabled).
Merge a Pull Request
Merge a specified pull request.

Queries (1)

Relay uses action queries to solicit information from users or third party systems.
Waiting for an Issue to be closed
Pause workflow until issue is closed.

Install the Relay CLI

Relay CLI is an essential companion for authoring and managing workflows. You can install it with a package manager or download it.
brew install puppetlabs/puppet/relay
Learn more about setting up Relay.

How to contribute

We’re excited to see and share in our community’s creation. Take a look at our community overview to learn how to begin contributing to Relay.