Relay core

Relay core is a standard library of configuration images.


Do more with Relay core. Relay helps you connect Relay core with other tools to automate your DevOps workflows.

Connect Dynatrace and Relay to respond to problem events

This workflow configures a webhook trigger to receive problem notifications from Dynatrace, conditionally posts a comment back to the Dynatrace problem, and logs the problem details in Relay.

When a PagerDuty incident is triggered, initiate the incident remediation policy

This workflow responds to a PagerDuty incident by creating a Jira ticket and Slack channel for the incident, and pinging the current on-call person with the details.

Emit Puppet run data

This workflow demonstrates what data is emitted by a Puppet run to Relay.

Selectively enforce Puppet run

This workflow selectively enforces a Puppet run when changes are detected

When sudoers file changes on my Puppet run, shut down the EC2 instance.

This workflow listens for a sudoers file change on a Puppet run and shuts down the EC2 instance in response

Update workflow on merge

This workflow can be run from a GitHub commit trigger configured on a workflow repo to update workflows in the service whenever a PR is merged.


Steps are contained actions that execute things you want done.

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