Command-Line Interface references


Relay by Puppet


Relay connects your tools, APIs, and infrastructure to automate common tasks through simple, event-driven workflows.

To get started, you'll need a account - sign up for free by following this link: 🔗

Once you've signed up, run this to log in: ▶️ relay auth login

Use the 'workflow' subcommand to interact with workflows: ▶️ relay workflow

Subcommand Usage

relay auth login [email] [flags] -- Log in to Relay

  -p, --password-stdin   accept password from stdin

relay auth logout -- Log out of Relay

relay doc generate -- Generate markdown documentation to stdout

relay workflow add [workflow name] [flags] -- Add a Relay workflow from a local file

  -f, --file string   Path to Relay workflow file

relay workflow delete [workflow name] -- Delete a Relay workflow

relay workflow download [workflow name] [flags] -- Download a workflow from the service

  -f, --file string   Filename to write workflow, relative to current working dir

relay workflow list -- Get a list of all your workflows

relay workflow replace [workflow name] [flags] -- Replace an existing Relay workflow

  -f, --file string   Path to Relay workflow file

relay workflow run [workflow name] [flags] -- Invoke a Relay workflow

  -p, --parameter stringArray   Parameters to invoke this workflow run with

Global flags

  -d, --debug        print debugging information
  -o, --out string   output type: (text|json) (default "text")
  -y, --yes          skip confirmation prompts