Adding an approval step to a workflow

  • To approve steps, user must be Approver or Administrator.

Add manual approval steps to your Relay workflow when you need more control over when something is deployed. For example, you could prevent a deployment to your production environment without an approval from your engineering lead.

After you add an approval step to your workflow, an approver can accept or reject the step from the workflow run page in the Relay web interface. To approve steps, user must be Approver or Administrator.

Approval steps are similar to regular task steps, although they do not require an image key. Approval steps consist of the following keys:

  • name: A string. The name of your approval step.

  • description: A string. A description of your approval step.

  • type: A string. Use approval to define the step as an approval step.

  • dependsOn: A string, or an array of strings. (Optional) The step or steps that need to complete successfully before you can take action on the approval step.

An approval step that does not list a dependency under dependsOn can be approved or rejected at any time. An approval step that does list dependencies can only be approved once those dependencies have successfully completed.

A step that immediately follows your approval step, and relies on it for approval, should list the approval step as a dependency using dependsOn. Multiple steps can depend on an approval step.

An example of an approval step with a deploy-prod step that depends on it:

  - name: prod-approval
    description: Deploying to production requires approval
    type: approval
  - name: deploy-prod
    image: projectnebula/terraform:latest
        gcp_region: us-east1
        gcp_location: us-east1-b
        gcp_project: app-prod
      workspace: app
      directory: provision-gke/infra/
        credentials.json: !Secret credentials
        name: app
    - prod-approval

In this workflow, an approver can only take action on the prod-approval step after the provision-k8s step has completed. After the approver accepts prod-approval, Relay executes deploy-prod, which depends on prod-approval.

Only users with the Approver or Administrator roles can approve an approval step. You can assign roles to users from Access control in the Relay web interface. If an approver rejects an approval step, or the approval's timer expires, the workflow run fails.

Approval steps currently expire after an hour.