Happy Hacktoberfest

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Note: Hacktoberfest might be over, but you’ve still got another chance to contribute and earn a t-shirt!

Happy Halloween! ‘Tis the spooky season and this year, we are kicking off a Hacktoberfest challenge just in time for Halloween. All you have to do for this Hacktoberfest challenge is run a workflow and fill out a brief survey about Relay.

In return we’ll send you a limited-edition Relay themed t-shirt. The first 75 respondents will get a free t-shirt. Sadly, we can only offer this shirt to those people living in the continental USA.

As you may already know, Relay (by Puppet) is an event-driven automation platform that pulls together all the tools and technologies DevOps engineers need to effectively manage their environment. It works by listening to signals from DevOps tools and apps people already use and then triggers workflows to orchestrate any required downstream service.

Here’s what you need to do to get your free t-shirt:

1. Sign up or login to Relay

If you don’t already have an account you can create one for free.

Sign up for a Relay account

2. Run this workflow!

Install the workflow and then click the run button.

Run the newly installed workflow

3. Click the “View Logs” button

In the logs you will find the URL for the survey. Head there to get started.

View the logs to get the url for the survey

4. Fill out the survey

This should only take a few minutes.

5. We’ll send you a t-shirt!

Thanks for making our product really special and please see this as a thank you for your continued support.