Relay Public Beta

Explore how by Puppet connects infrastructure/ops platforms, APIs, and tools together into an extensible, easy-to-automate tasks and events platform. Get started in minutes!

User-defined Webhooks in Puppet Relay with Knative and Ambassador API Gateway

How we solved a huge technical challenge with open-source Kubernetes-centric software

Relay and Open Source

An exploration of Relay's open source components and ecosystem

How to diagnose incidents (and sleep better while on call)

In this post, we cover detection and communications workflows that will enhance your incident response program and take some stress out of your on-call cycle.

Secure your AWS Account by Removing Unused EC2 Key Pairs with Python

Cloud security is top of mind right now, given the various high-profile security breaches today. One overlooked source of potential vulnerabilities is unused EC2 Key Pairs. EC2 Key Pairs are used to configure an EC2 instance with SSH access and…

Devops Automation Examples in Practice

Cloud native engineering gets a lot of flexibility for its DevOps. But the mass of options and integration methods quickly turn into complexity.

Delete Unattached EBS Volumes with Python

In our continuation of ways to reduce your AWS bill, one source of unexpected charges are unattached and forgotten EBS volumes. While not typically the most expensive line item on the bill, all of those little volumes can add up when deploying across…

What is Knative? Intro to Canary and Blue-Green Deployments with Dashboards (no YAML)

Get more from our What is Knative series. In this post, learn about Canary and blue-green deployments configured with no YAML! Check it out.

4 Tips from an Engineering Director to Build Reliable Automation

Learn why every company under the sun relies on automation to make business hum. Getting leverage out of technology is essential…

What is Knative? Learn How To Install and Use Knative with Zero YAML

If you have some experience with Kubernetes, you will appreciate its power but also its complexity. A no-ops world with Kubernetes seems utopian. You wish there was something simpler...

3 Commandments for CLI Design

Principles to guide design for the modern CLI experience

What’s Going on With Tekton? (Part 1)

Tekton Background and History

What’s Going on With Tekton? (Part 2)

Cool Updates and Features in Tekton

Rise of the APIs

APIs and new platforms are changing how we configure, automate, and maintain systems

How to Cut Unused EC2 instances with AWS Lambda

Uh… Why is this month’s AWS bill so high?

Building the future of DevOps automation

Today, we’re starting Relay by Puppet, a new initiative to build the future of cloud-based DevOps automation. This post captures our musings about the evolving world of cloud-native infrastructure…