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Thousands of companies use Puppet products, such as:
Events trigger workflows

Ticket is resolved


Puppet resource change


New image pushed

Pass data between apps

Rollback application


File Jira ticket

Fully customizable

Send text


Post to Slack

Automate everything, from routine tasks to complex operations.

Save costs by shutting down unused resources. Save time by automating ticket requests. Stay secure by auditing cloud configurations. Get started with our library of pre-made workflows.
Use Cases

Save money by terminating unused resources

Unused or underutilized cloud resources can create a huge bill at the end of the month.

Relay can discover instances, load balancers, disks and more across AWS, Azure, and GCP to automatically terminate resources that are not being used.

Find a workflow that will save you money today.
Cost Optimization example workflow

Turn any event into a fully automated workflow

Relay responds intelligently to external signals by combining event-based triggers and a powerful workflow engine into a single platform.

Event-based triggers

Kick off workflows automatically with a variety of incoming triggers, such as a webhook, a time-based schedule, or a direct API call from monitoring.


Connect your favorite services and tools together. Relay securely stores authentication credentials for external services and unseals them for workflow runs.
Event driven workflow
Event driven workflow

Modular step actions

Choose from an ever-growing library of containerized steps to build just the right workflow from the GUI.


Automation is great, but sometimes you need a human eye. Add an approval step to your workflow, and Relay will pause until you say go.

A single audit trail

Once your team is automating with Relay, you can see every workflow that has ever been run, who ran it, and what happened. All with a single audit trail.

See everything

See what's running, what's working, and what's not. You'll have a bird's-eye view of all operations.

Delegate authority

Straightforward access control allows you to assign roles to team members, from 'view only' to 'operator' to 'approver' to 'administrator'.

Share with your team

Relay stores your workflows in the cloud and makes them available to all authorized team members, reducing a sprawl of copy-pasted scripts.
Workflow event historyWorkflow runs table

Workflows as code

You can customize and extend workflows using our straight forward YAML-based configuration. Adding steps is as easy as copying and pasting steps from our integration library.
$ brew install puppetlabs/puppet/relay
Workflow configuration

Editor support

Visual Studio Code support for Relay workflows enables real-time error checking and auto-completion for a delightful developer experience.

First class CLI experience

The Relay command-line interface is a powerful open source tool for interacting with the Relay service from the terminal or programmatically.

GitOps-friendly workflows

Collaborate on changes, track revisions, and auto-update the service when a workflow changes. Open APIs and “everything as code” make it possible.

A growing library of integrations

Relay connects to dozens of cloud providers, tools, and APIs you and your team already use.
Check out our full list of integrations