A cloud automation platform built for operations teams

Relay intelligently responds to monitoring alerts, incidents, and tickets by combining event-based triggers with powerful workflows.
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Expedite audits

See every workflow run, who or what triggered it, and the impacted resources.
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Reduce toil

Replace your digital duct tape with reusable, low-code workflows.
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Save money

Prevent unnecessary run-away cloud spending by cleaning up unused resources.

Use cases

Relay helps organizations create auditable, responsive, and scalable cloud environments.
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With an easy-to-use interface, devops professionals can build and share fully automated cloud-native workflows in minutes, while ensuring cloud environments are auditable, scalable and cost-efficient.
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Cloud compliance

As more vendors enter the cloud space, the importance of compliance only continues to grow. By identifying and fixing compliance misconfigurations, companies can eliminate costly violations in cloud environments.
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Incident response

By streamlining incident response processes, users are better able to diagnose and remediate live incidents. With Relay’s event-driven workflow engine, your time-to-resolution and risk of manual errors is dramatically reduced.
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Self-healing infrastructure

Leverage your existing observability frameworks to turn informative alerts into actionable workflows. Thus enabling users to easily design dynamic infrastructure with the intelligence to improve environment stability.
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“Relay delivers the promise of an automated future by enabling organizations to build smarter in order to solve real-world business processes in a modern, elegant, and effective way.”
Stan Chen, Senior Software Engineer, Uber

Build fully automated workflows in minutes instead of days.

Get started quickly before touching a single line of code.

Low-code workflows

Guided forms help you better understand the requirements and options available to you. Get immediate value without touching the code.

Extensible developer tools

Once you’re up and running, Relay grows with you by providing direct code editing, a rich CLI, and open APIs.

Don’t start from scratch

Spend more time solving problems and less time scripting by using our library of pre-defined steps.

Workflows as code

Re-use the workflows you write to enable auditability and consistency in your cloud operations environment
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"Relay helps us connect all the dots, achieving true self-healing systems on cloud-native platforms. The ease with which we can create new workflows saves us countless hours of developing custom scripts leaving more time for our customers growing their business."
Dries Dams, DevOps Architect, Bryxx


Relay connects to dozens of cloud providers, tools, and APIs.
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